January 27, 2013
A few weeks ago I purchased a vintage black wool hat with worn in leather trim and have religiously been wearing it on a daily basis. I think I'm going through a Wild West phase.

I also found out recently that my beau has never been to the Grand Canyon besides spending a few years in Arizona as a kid and visiting Arizona a few times a year. So, needless to say, a trip to the Grand Canyon is a MUST for us soon. And a picnic! Most people invision having picnics at the park, somewhere green and woodsy...but I've never really heard anyone say they want to picnic in the desert or in the canyon.

1. Hat, ForwardForward.com
2. Dress, Marc Jacobs
3. Earrings, SSense.com
4. Picnic Set, Lampsplus.com
5. Boots, Bonadrag.com
6. Blanket, Pendleton

What do you think? Would you ever want to picnic in the desert?


  1. I'm actually in the middle of planning a trip through the southwest right now, including the Grand Canyon!! We're also going to Canyon de Chelly and I think we'll have our picnic there :-)
    I think the desert can be incredibly beautiful...you just have to give your eyes time to adjust to the subtle color palette !

    1. OMG that sounds amazing, definitely picnic there! I love the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff, there's so many gorgeous landscapes in Arizona! You'll have so much fun!

  2. Of course that blanket is Pendleton! I absolutely love their stuff - especially their bath towels. Great collection you've got here, such a unique style!

  3. i'll take a picnic anyplace! i'm really diggin those earrings...

    i definitely want to travel around the US one day...so much to see.

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  5. THe heat it's so explorer like :D Really love it!

    I have a picnic set so similar to the one in the photo! Pitty it's so old, but everytime we do a picnic or camping, he comes with us.

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  7. I loooovved this post! :) Now I'm going to have make room in my budget for that hat, that blanket and maaaaybe those boots.




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