January 3, 2013
A collection of bright and cheery colors to start off the New Year! All of these vintage garments will be available in the vintage shop on Saturday! This is the first shop update of the year that literally has something from every decade! Well, besides the 1920s. I did have a black chiffon dress, but it didn't really go with this update, so it will be available next week (along with more goodies from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s!)


  1. Such beautiful clothes! I loved the first from the right column and the last from the left column. *.*



  2. Our company is offering Korean Street Fashion and lit blouse for men with different stuff and also tamale boot, rose top, blesyr blouse for women in unique style , which gives you trendy and fabalous look .

  3. the yellow lace skirt is so beautiful (i can imagine this for summer) and the green skirt with the fan print is so cool! nice finds!


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