February 6, 2013
Progress has officially been made in the shop! A new door has been installed so now I can move to and fro much easier than the past few weeks since I've moved! I don't know why, but this ONE single "to-do" (ie. Get New Door Put In) has been such a mental block for me about owning a retail store. Maybe one of those when one door closes another one opens...except there WASN'T A DOOR so...ya dig?

So now that THAT'S done, I feel like we are moving forward! The shop doesn't have great lighting as is. There is a single ceiling fan light. I'm not in love with the ceiling fan but the tiny shop REALLY heats up during the day so for practicality, the ceiling fan stays. As you know, this is our first time opening up an actual store front, so we're getting ideas and figuring stuff out as we go. First on the list... lighting! So naturally, I went on a hunt on Pinterest for some retail lighting ideas.

src: // Afflante.com

src: // House of Bliss via Artilleriet

src: // Pinterest

src: // Rose and Grey

src: // Blood and Champagne

src: // Pinterest

src: // April May Studio

src: // The Pantalones

src: // Pinterest

src: // Pinterest

src: // Pinterest

src: // Flickr


  1. oOo all the hanging bulbs are so pretty. these are some great light-inspo pulls. hope everything goes well!


  2. I love these ideas! I found a few of those cool vintage bulb cages from the 1930s and 1940s on eBay & Goodwill.com a few months ago to put in my house. I LOVE them and they were so much less expensive than the modern-made-to-look-vintage ones from cb2. Just a tip in case you wanted to go that route!

    1. Thank you! I didn't think to search Ebay, will have to take a look! The ones I've been looking at are about $95 each and I need quite a few, eep!

  3. I love looking at Light inspiration on Pinterest, I especially like those string of lights in the Cafe.

  4. I think the lighting looks wonderful and you got a great deal. My cousin is opening a small boutique and I can't believe all the details involved. Besides inventory, from lighting to carpeting to barcode scanners, there is so much to do before the doors can actually open.


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