September 7, 2013
As the summer is winding down we couldn't help but wish we went on a few more getaways. Well, what can ya do. Since we can't turn back time we decided to gather some of our favorite vintage vacation photos, and live vicariously through these summer travels at the beach, mountains, lake, and desert. (Oh hey, we did go to the desert!)

Do you have a dream summer vacation? Be sure to share it with us in the comments below!

Florida vacation 1960
Bathing beauties
NY Worlds Fair 1965
Gosselin's and Ringquist's at Tyler Lake
Vintage Vacation
Distesa Estate
Young Lady With A Camera


  1. Wonderful pictures! I love old holiday photos, they always make me want to buy a glamorous vintage swimsuit an get away somewhere exotic! Great post xxx

  2. how lovely <3

  3. What a lovely pictures! I started following you.



    Vintage & Beauty

  4. I've fallen in love with this blog<3 my dream summer vacation... Definately Paris! (If possible in the 1920's) plz check out my blog and comment:) i've recently just started out :)

  5. I do have many dream vintage vacays. One of them is Catalina Island, dancing in the Casino Ballroom. I also wrote a little blog about one summer...

  6. My partner and I have been planning a road trip from San Francisco to Baja, hitting up various surf spots along the way and camping at different beaches in the back of a van. Simple & adventurous!


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