October 9, 2013
We are throwing you another seasonal curve ball today with a bright and cheerful shop update.
 In our book there is no appropriate season for florals, they are in style all year round! 
Find your favorite new piece down below and make it yours here :)  

vintage 1960s white blue floral sundress | Vivid Fields Dress

vintage 1980s tropical print cutout dress | Peruvian Amazon Dress

 vintage 1960s silk plaid wiggle dress coat | A Summer Charade Dress

vintage 1940s green print sheer dress | Arbor Echelon Dress

vintage gold filigree ring with turquoise | Bartolome Ring 

vintage 1950s paisley sequin party dress | Seafolly Dress 

vintage 1980s light green pocket top | Pale Shoots Top

vintage jade deco style ring | Simple Orient Ring 

1 comment:

  1. The first dress, the Vivid Fields one is simply perfect!

    (Dear Thirty)


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