October 15, 2013
It's so nice to finally take a breath and just be mellow yellow for awhile. I suppose that's the inspiration behind this blog post...the apparent yellow peppering the Adored Vintage instagram feed lately and also the general mood I find I'm in.

What do the colors golden and yellow bring out for you or in you? I've never been a huge fan of yellow to be honest... but lately, it seems this pretty golden hue has been inspiring me a lot.

The past couple of months for AV have been incredibly hectic and crazy. AV is such a close part of my life, it nearly IS my life. It has been weeks of non-stop work and I am really happy to announce all the big things are done and now it's time to settle back into a daily groove.

So what have I been up to lately?

The biggest thing... the grand opening of my brick + mortar I share with my fella, ORN HANSEN. For awhile, we talked about someday opening up a men's and women's general store...and after 4 months of building out the shop, choosing brands, and all the other craziness that goes into opening up a brick + mortar store... we finally opened our doors on September 26th!

Following that, I popped up again at A Current Affair, the premiere vintage marketplace in downtown Los Angeles. As always, I got to meet loads of wonderful people and some of you gals that follow AV on Instagram! I always get so giddy when I get to meet you in real life!

This past weekend, one of my dear friends and I, took some much needed time off from our jobs and spent it exploring the streets of San Francisco, drinking loads of coffee, and singing loudly in the car with the windows rolled down.

So much more of course, but I really don't want to bore you with a laundry list of how busy I've been. I'm sure you can tell.

What's new in your life?


  1. Your life sounds like it's been both hectic and rewarding! I'm sure all of your hard work will pay off in spades! Good luck on the opening of your shop...I'm sure it's a lovely place to browse. Get some much needed rest, my dear!


    1. Thank you kindly! It definitely has been hectic and rewarding. Trying to work on that getting rest thing... :)

  2. Gah! So many amazing things happening for you and your sweetheart, how exciting!! My husband and I just got back from our trip abroad (which of course went by way to fast) and are in a big transitional phase in our life. Hoping some big things are on the horizon...

    1. I was along for the journey...creepy as it sounds, via Instagram! ^_^ Looked absolutely amazing!!


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