November 6, 2013
I think every family is a little bit dysfunctional, but we learn to love each other anyway because that's what family is all about. You love each other despite one another's quirks and shortcomings.

It's been FIVE years since I've seen my little sister and my Mom! My family back story is a little complicated, so I won't go into it, but this past week spending time with my family have been so wonderful!

Then a few days later, my fella flew down and joined us in the sunshine state (and met my Mom and sister for the first time!) My past week was spent getting a little r&r, doing some vintage buying for the shop, playing pickle ball with my Dad + sis, ping pong with my Mom + sis, going to Disney, and laughing with my family. Twas pretty wonderful I'd say!

Robby said my family is super easy going. Which is true, we're all pretty chill. My mom and I are probably the least easy going though. Anyhow... here are some photos from my trip!

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