January 15, 2014
Although it is hard for us to pick our favorite element of a wedding (it's like choosing your favorite child, it just can't happen), we think for many guests enjoying a delicious slice of wedding cake has got to be one of the favorite highlights. We have put together a handful of our most adored vintage inspired wedding cakes via Pinterest below. We really love the ones with fresh floral detail and  quirky vintage wedding cake toppers. Make sure to tell us about the cake at your wedding (or dream wedding) in the comments below!

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These vintage wedding cake toppers are from the 1930s and 1940s and most likely made of chalk ware. If you're looking for a unique decorative topper for your upcoming nuptials, might we suggest an antique or vintage wedding cake topper? 

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  1. ohh my.. I cant decide which is my favourite!! All amazingly beautiful cakes :) Lovely post :D
    Ava xox

  2. oh i really like the simple ones with flowers tucked here and there. i think it's silly people spend gobs of $ on cake, when the simple ones are just as pretty, if not prettier!

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