January 13, 2014
When I hear the name Veronica Lake the first thing that comes to mind is her iconic hair. Those sultry waves gave her iconic beauty status as women will forever try to emulate her style. The Brooklyn born actress originally began wearing the cascading waves to hide one heavy eye-lid. In the 1940s she was one of the most sought after actresses, appearing in a handful of successful films. Although her story has a tragic ending, Lake lives on to be a favorite for classic film and beauty fans alike. Her iconic "peek-a-boo" waves continue to be emulated by women today.

 During WWII, at the height of her success, women who were working in the factories were told their hair could not emulate the actress' look because it was obscuring their eyesight and ability to work. 

Her star began to fizzle as she struggled with alcoholism, mental illness, and mood swings. Later she penned an autobiography that depicted her struggles after Hollywood. When she died in the 1970s she was estranged from her children and family. 

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