May 29, 2014

It's old news how much we adore flowers, but we can't help it and it's been awhile since we've done a flowery post. Right now we have several vintage dresses with gorgeous floral prints in the vintage shop and they are perfect for summer wedding season! We've paired our favorite vintage floral dresses from the shop with lovely vintage inspired flower arrangements, antique botanical prints, and floral inspired interiors.

Vintage Floral Dresses (in order of appearance)

2.] Vintage 1930s sheer floral dress | Vie En Provence Dress c.1930s
3.] Vintage inspired floral dress | Garden Brunch Dress
4.] Vintage 1950s black floral cocktail dress | Modern Florist Dress
6.] Vintage 1940s cream floral gown | Arbors of Saint Gilles Dress
7.] Vintage 1950s magenta floral party dress | Frolic Petunia Dress

further reading coz learning is fun // 

Flower Maiden Fantasy Pinterest board (which is where most of these beautiful images are from! There are dozens and dozens more!)

Adored Vintage Flowers Inspiration board | Lots of antique botanical prints, flower arrangements, and generally pretty flowery stuff

Fleurs | A super pretty flowers and such inspiration board 

Still Life Painting in Northern Europe 1600-1800 | Some of my favorite still life paintings and the painters behind them and the still life movement in Northern Europe. Read this if you've got some extra time to spare and want to just get geeky on floral paintings


  1. Wow, this is fantastic inspiration board, keep them coming! :)


  2. Such a great source of inspiration. I want all of these summer spring dresses. :)


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