May 23, 2014

I was listening to an older "This American Life" podcast entitled Americans in Paris and there was a short snippet towards the end that I absolutely adored by Janet McDonald, author of "Project Girl" (a book I am going to pick up and add to my summer reading list) and her description of how the French viewed our American ways. Like how work is just not a big deal and there isn't this huge pressure to be at the top or striving to be number one. I like that. Why can't we just be? The photos I found this week and wanted to share evoke this feeling and being I really want and am learning to adopt.


  1. Oh my.. these photos are wonderful. I love the swimsuit one, but my fave is the photo above it! How adorable is her top??!! I wonder if she's got some kind of dirndl type dress over it ahahah :)

  2. Love all of these! I think we all need to adopt this attitude too. People in the US work too much and for what? Life is meant to be enjoyed!

  3. Wow! Great photos! Loving every single one of them. So inspiring! :)


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