May 12, 2014

When modern day model Heidi Klum's legs were being insured it was big deal, but she wasn't the first.  Iconic actress Betty Grable was the first to have her famous stems insured. Grable's legs were insured for an unprecedented 1,000,000 by her studio at the time by Floyd's of London. Her bathing suit poster was the number one pin-up girl poster during WW1 and was named one of the 100 photos that changed with world by Time magazine. Aside from her famous body, Grable was known for her work in numerous successful film musicals in the 1940s as well as roles on broadway. One of our favorite Betty Grable movies is How To Marry A Millionare where she played opposite Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe.

She even had her own paper dolls, how neat is that?!

"She was known by several nicknames during her heyday in the '40s, including "the girl with the million dollar legs," "the quick-silver blonde," "the queen of the Hollywood musical," and "the darling of the forties." 
Grable died in 1973 at age 56 of lung cancer"

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