October 25, 2009
Who is Louise Brooks?
Louise Brooks (born Mary Louise Brooks) was a model, dancer, showgirl, and most famously known as a silent film star in the 1920s and 30s. She is also credited for pioneering the super short haircut known as a "bob" (I wonder why it wasn't named after her...)

Photo credits: 1.] Louise Brooks 2.] Louise Brooks with husband Eddie Sutherland by carbonated 3.] Louise Brooks by chickeyonthego

A short tribute video of Louise Brooks. The part where she is dancing is so cute! Aww, love it!

~ Tid Bits & Trivia ~

1.] Louise Brooks had made a vow to herself never to smile on stage unless she felt compelled to (in most of her photos she has a neutral face, although the few photos you do see her smiling, she has such a pretty smile!)

2.] Her childhood nickname was "Brooksie"

3.] Louise Brooks stood 5 feet 2 inches tall.

4.] She quit films all together in the late 30s. By 1946, she had to take a $40-a-week job as a sales girl at Saks Fifth Avenue to make a living.

5.] Louise Brooks died of a heart attack at the age of 78 in 1985.

6.] Despite the affairs she had with women (most famously with Greta Garbo), Louise Brooks has denied being bisexual or a lesbian. "Out of curiosity, I had two affairs with girls - they did nothing for me."


  1. I love this woman's style! I recently posted one of my fav pics of her on my site too, you haven't got it here, so maybe you want to pop over to my blog and have a look! I'm just about to post another one and thought it would be nice to link to your site from it??

  2. Have just linked to you from my blog, so we can share the Ms Brooks love!

  3. In some places her hairstyle is known as "The Lulu" after a character she played...so it is named after her after all!

  4. I like the old man suit wear that guy.


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