November 23, 2009
I love vintage dresses so much and wish I had the chance to snag these up before they were sold (and also won some money in the lottery since some of these are a bit out of my price range...*hehe*)

Late 1950's Lee Claire gold flowered cocktail dress from Hemlock Vintage - Sold

Early 40s sheer violet crepe silk dress with floral print from Dorothea's Vintage - $215

Emma Domb Vintage 1950s red halter dress from Vintageous - $265 (sold)

1930's Unique Print Gauzy Gown from Antique Dress $485 (sold)

VINTAGE 1950's YELLOW ROSE PRINT CHIFFON PROM DRESS from Freudian Slips Vintage - £125

1950's Vintage Serbin Designer Couture Deco-Fish Novelty Print Rockabilly Bombshell Sun Dress from Timeless Vixen Vintage Etsy (sold)

Vintage 1970s PLAIN JANE FLORALETTE dress from Posh Vintage - $165

Romantic vintage 1970s off-white
triple tier lace dress from Allen Company Inc - Etsy (sold)

Vintage 1950s Flirty Organdy Peplum Dress from Memphis Vintage (sold)

Vintage 1970s Ossie Clark Dress from Vintage A Peel - £395


  1. Those are totally gorgeous! I especially love the red number.

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  4. WOW that yellow rose print prom dress, what I would give for that in my closet!!!

  5. Gorgeous dresses. I especially like the organdy dress - looks like made for an alltime princess

  6. They are all drop dead gorgeous, but I particularly love the dress with the peplum. Lucky for my bank account it is sold.

  7. oh my. i love the purple one and the print gauzy gown. allen co inc always has nice stuff and K is great to deal with. thankfully for my wallter, most of them are way out of my league.

  8. If you could check my pulse right now, you'd feel that it's racing a mile a minute over these gorgeous frocks! I adore many of them, too, and can absolutely see why they're topping your "day dreaming list".

    (A day early, but..) Heartfelt wishes to you and yours for a Thanksgiving filled with joy and laughter, great food and wonderful memories!

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Oh my, the first dress is marvellous!!! Really to die for!

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the off white triple tier lace dress!!!!! Beauuuuutiful!


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