November 23, 2009

In the past couple years I have amassed quite a collection of vintage nightgowns, slips and robes that it got me thinking... perhaps I should bring back the 'Vintage Intimates' section of Adore Vintage?

I always wonder if women would want to buy these and actually wear them, but then a light bulb went off, I myself buy and wear vintage slips and robes... so why wouldn't others? I've actually worn a few slips as dresses before, they're just so pretty!

I have to figure out how to photograph the slips though since most of them are all quite sheer. I suppose just on the dress form will do, but I kind of like the appearance of them laid flat as if thrown casually on the floor. *hehe*

Will play around with the camera tomorrow to see how it goes.

Image credits (in order): Sugar Pie Honeybunch. What Makes the Pie Shop Tick,


  1. OMG -- the hair on the redhead in the middle! Vintage hairstyling is such a hoot sometimes!

  2. Oh this blog is just wonderful!
    I'm waiting you to update it;)

  3. Wow, I'm in love with this blog, seriusly.
    The colours are wonderful.

  4. Sweet. I've been watching Mad Men lately and wishing that I had legit pajamas instead of a crappy old t-shirt!

  5. I love your post!I much appreciated it.

    maria[big suits for men]


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