March 13, 2010
I was pleasantly surprised to see { my apartment } featured on the lovely DecoFabulous in the "Real Home Tours" category. While this isn't necessarily about AdoreVintage, the article does mention how the editor thought it a bit surprising that the apartment is quite contemporary.

Ahhh, I'm married you see and when a very girly girl who loves antiques meets a very Mid-Century modern boy, we have to compromise. I haven't posted any photos of the bathroom which is incredibly vintage and feminine. (Pink tub, "Swan Lake" mosaic on the tile, and pink and green Chinoiserie wallpaper!) But maybe another day.

Thank you again DecoFabulous for featuring the AV headquarters (aka my apartment) :)


  1. Congrats on the press! Your home is lovely:)

  2. congrats! i'm a bit surprised as well, but marriage is about compromise! i'm a vintage/midcentury gal myself, so this is perfect!

  3. oh wow congratulations! im always pleasantly please whenever you feature any part of your home, because it is so vintage and retro, a true reflection of yourself :)


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