March 17, 2010
Happy St. Patrick's Day! And to celebrate this very green-centric holiday, I am posting images themed around the color with a vintage twist, of course :)

Image Credits: 1.} Paper Tissue, 2.} Vintage Fairy Tale illustrations via Sofi on Flickr, 3.} We ♥ It, 4.} Both images from Audrey Hepburn Complex, 5.} Vintage Advertisement via Salty Cotton, 6.} We ♥ It, 7.} A Display in Paris via Gin Paris, 8.} Fabric Detail, 9.} 1920s Peg O' My Heart advertisemt via Finsbry, 10.} Je Veux Tout


  1. happy paddy's day. o, i love all there pic's, great choices

  2. happy paddy's day. o, i love all there pic's, great choices

  3. such beautiful inspirations!!! thank you for sharing.
    {i added your wonderful blog to my list of favourites at}

  4. Hello there =)! I just saw the comment you left on my Flickr photo - thank you so much! Your blog is so incredibly lovely and I'll definitely be adding you to my blog list!


  5. beautiful! the mint green dress by Sara Seven is my dream dress!

  6. the first photo is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. These are absolutely gorgeous inspirational photos!

  8. Just came across this post
    (sorry for the lateness)

    Being Irish myself, I just have to say that I love your photos they are stunning.

    I love the look of the girl with the glasses.
    Beaut xxxx
    Beaut Vintage Melbourne


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