March 23, 2010

I adore all of the little dresses the girls are wearing (not to mention all of their adorable varied expressions, gosh, I love birthday parties!) and secretly want those double strap Mary-Janes the little girl in the front is wearing. I bet she turned out to be a little fashionista, look at her snazzy glasses! I wish little girls still dressed like this, in pretty little frocks, patent shoes with pretty white socks. My Mother used to make my dresses when I was younger and she loved dresses from the 50s so I usually had fluffy vintage inspired dresses when I was growing up. And ruffle socks, I LOVED ruffle socks! (I'm sure that isn't surprising as I still love ruffles to this day).

Image source via OzFan22 via flickr (she's the birthday girl)


  1. Oh I love all the little dresses too...adorable!

  2. Their are so cute all of them wearing vintage dresses its really cool.

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