April 17, 2010
One way to date vintage clothing is to peruse old vintage sewing patterns. You can find many of them on sites such as Flickr or search for them on Etsy. You will have a better understanding of what real women wore in comparison to what the Hollywood starlets wore. You can also find out what the trends were for that year. So if you're trying to learn more about dating vintage clothes, be sure to research vintage patterns!

Simplicity vintage sewing patterns are the most helpful in my opinion only because each envelope was stamped with a date! I mostly view Simplicity patterns to get a better date range for a vintage dress or blouse.

Descriptions: 1.} Rockabilly Vintage Blouse Pattern circa 1957 2.} 1940s Skirt Pattern 3.} Vintage Teen Dress Sewing Pattern circa 1949 4.} Low Back Blouse circa 1954 5.} 1950s Sundress Bolero Playsuit 6.} 1953 V Neck Summer Dress Sewing Pattern 7.} Vintage Blouse Patter circa 1947 8.} Cocktail Dress Vintage Pattern circa 1956 9.} 1954 Vintage Skirt & Petticoat 10.} 1940s Pinup Front Knotted Midriff Top With Shorts & Skirt

Image credits: All patterns are from Flickr from the Vintage Patterns group


  1. i am so so happy to found you, vintage blog :)
    love all paterns, really

  2. oooo 1, 4 and 6 are lovely :)

  3. Great set of patterns! Loving the 40's pattern - the last one best. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Great tip about the patterns, I never thought about using them to date certain styles/fashions. I have a hard time identifying 1930s-50s clothes when they're not the 'obvious' exaggerated shape ie padded shoulders in the 40s or the full skirts of the 50s.

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  6. I can remember making up a couple of those patterns when i was a girl most girls made their own clothes in those days....does that make me sound old...yes

  7. Thanks for the patterns it help me a lot.

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