April 17, 2010
Bohemian Tea Party, Outfit Inspiration

A bohemian and hippie outfit ensemble inspired by the 1970s label BIBA. I'm really quite enjoying putting these little ensembles together on Polyvore. Now if only I were able to afford all of these beautiful things. *hehe*

The shopping list for this outfit is at Bohemian Tea Party set on Polyvore.


  1. I absolutely love all of it, you have great taste!!!!!1

  2. I love this whole outfit - especially the dark blue clutch!

  3. http://www.fortheloveofgaultier.blogspot.com/

  4. Biba,wonderful style......


  5. I'm such a huge 70's fan...I can't even begin to describe. The blowy peasant blouses, southwest style jewelry, and big floppy sun hats. (Sigh) It's love.

  6. I'll take those gorgeous shoes and that wonderfully enormous wide brim hat, thank you!

  7. I like whole outfit. it's wonderful style. really you have a nice choice.

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  9. Great Vintage collections I like it all.

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