April 18, 2010
There is something so cozy and welcoming about homes that have a mix of antique and new. The interiors featured here all have bits and pieces you could easily find at your local flea market or swap meet. Look for vintage linens such as floral curtains and table clothes, hand painted bowls, vintage tin cans or wire baskets for storage, and needlepoint pillowcases and ornate framed paintings. Just remember to buy what you love and what catches you eye, because as I've found, when you purchase items you cherish, it all comes together in the end.

Image credits: All images are from Sweet Home Style with proper link backs to their original sources.


  1. Love all these but particularly photo number 8. It's so elegant and beautiful. All very feminine and cosy. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. very inspirational - thank you for sharing! I love the crater book shelves the most

  3. the white bedroom is so lovely!!! and the bookshelf image is inspiring - i couldnt imagine a home without books!!

  4. i love the aesthetics of the rooms. i hope someday my future home feels and looks cozy!

  5. Great inspiration!!!
    I love the tea cups on the third picture :-) Way too cute.


  6. beautiful inspiration! thank you!

  7. all these pictures are beautiful, so inspiring. i cannot wait till i have my own house to decorate :)


  8. hope you have a fabulous weekend xxx

  9. beautiful, beautiful photos. love your quote, it's so true. that's a great rule to use when decorating, and i always forget that sometimes when thrifting for the home. love love love your blog!

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  11. oh i love that 2nd to last pic of all the shelves and frames! I love the organized mess of it all, it would give me something to look at forever!

    Hop on over to my blog for a giveaway in honor of my shop being featured on Etsy!!

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  15. Love these, they are all so vintage, classy, and at the same time modern with a twist!
    Very inspirational, good for so many different home styles.

  16. Wonderful house! Having this is so lucky I wish my house interior design is like this.

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