April 12, 2010
A Country Story - Vintage Inspired Outfit

Summer! Summer! I love pretty floral dresses and sweet gingham prints for the summertime! I've always had this idyllic picture of visiting a local farm, picking fresh produce to cook at home, all the while wearing a cute gingham dress, perhaps a vintage cardigan with floral embellishments, and a kerchief or bandana. One can dream, no?

You can view the "shopping list" of this ensemble at my Polyvore page. A Country Story by AdoreVintage.


  1. I love this !!!!
    That floral dress is way too cute.


  2. I'm actually really into florals right now, altough here in my country autumn is almost starting.
    Polivore ♥

    The last time I searched around, was to find sailor and navy style outfits. I just love navy!
    Do you think that vintage and navy can be mixed?

  3. The gingham dress is adorable. Who'd shop high street with such an amazing choice of vintage summer frocks?

  4. that floral dress you chose is beautiful and the straw hat and the bag, I also love the music that you have on your site, love your blog. =)

  5. More floral dresses to the people :)
    Looks like the perfect look for a day out while having a picnic

  6. The dress with the red flowers is really nice!


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