April 12, 2010
Vintage Vogue 1967 Vintage Vogue 1967 Vintage Vogue 1967 Vintage Vogue 1967

Vintage polyster nightdress by Van Raalte described as "Stripes streaking across crepe, a streamered bow down a bare back, a pointed fall to the ground"

Lightning-green tricot side-slashed to the waist by Beau Sure.

Vintage Empire nightdress from Emilio Pucci described as "Pink, white, yellow, and rose on a great gale of nylon - from a tiny arched bodice"

Drifting out of a Bronte night, a brown-voile dream sashed in yellow velvet, - daisy-sprinkled white. Vintage Arthur Williams for Siren made of Cotton and Dacron.

Photographed by: Helmut Newton
Magazine scan credits: Vintage Fashion Magazines, re-uploaded on Adore Vintage (flickr)


  1. Great images. I love fashion from the late 1960's. Super-glam and lots of hair! Thanks for posting.

  2. ooohh, I love it, great backrounds, the clothing is so fun, and like catwalk said lots of hair!

  3. lovvvvving these. i am enthralled by the 60s & 70s. thanks for sharing.

  4. Color combination is really nice! I love it!
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  5. Good concept I like it but I'm searching male suit for my husband.


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