May 18, 2010

Cream coloured coffee
And hot buttered toast
August sunshine
A packet of cigarettes
Talks on love and life
Friends and strangers all together

Days of summer
Seated on outside chairs
Tears and laughter
Mixed in the air
Of the perfect day just us and them

Cafe pavements
The world at view
Paris, Rome and cafe Prague
Used coffee cups
And ashtrays too
Paris, Rome and cafe Prague
- Cafe Prague by Patrick Sant

Image Credits: All images were found via Polyvore/Tumblr. Most of the links lead to the tumblr dashboard, so I couldn't give proper credit. Next time my sweets ♥


  1. I heart Paris!! Such lovely photos...thank you for sharing them!

  2. the illustrations of the 3 girls in miu miu things are by krisatomic :)

  3. Love them all, but especially the Parisian street with hot air balloons, how magical!

  4. Your pictures are alway sooooo beautiful. They take me away to another land. I also really love the lovely piano music you have playing in the background. So soothing and romantic!

  5. loving those hot air balloons!

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  7. very beautiful!! Paris is magical both in images and in real life!

  8. Perfect selection! I’ve just found your wonderful blog. Please, keep going. Wannekes

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  10. Oh, j'adore Paris!

    J'ai deux amours - mon pays et Paris. Par eux toujours, ma couer est ravi. Manhatten est belle, mais a quoi bon le nier. Ce qui m'ensorcelle c'est Paris, c'est Paris tout entier.

  11. Wonderful - truly wonderful

    Such a surprise to find one of my poems used alongside such beautiful photo's, you have given me the largest smile. Thank you so much for giving me inspiration to write more.

    Thank you..

  12. The Paris/Balloons picture is the work of photographer Irene Suchock:

  13. I love Paris I'll been there last year and I have a great experience.

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