May 16, 2010
I first spotted Caitlin Shearer's artwork via the Swedish magazine "Magnificent" (MagMag #3) and was instantly smitten by her soft and willowy vintage girls. Her pretty little ladies wear such pretty little things. I'm in love, love I tell you!

Image credits: All images are from Caitlin's blog and more of her artwork can be viewed on her Flickr.


  1. Oh my, these are all adorable, and i just LOVE their shape!

  2. This is fabulous set of painting!! to watch are so talented....

    black leather corset

  3. she is really talented - her girls are amazing!!

  4. She is completely talented...Love her! Thanks for sharing...xo

    Emily at EL Vintage

  5. i just love the lastes designs! beautifuls!!!


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