December 5, 2010
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During today's photoshoot with one of my favorite girls from ANTM (Raina Hein) I was introduced to "Hipstamatic" by the wonderful hair stylist Paul Anthony Castro. And may I just say, it was love at first take. So, in the next few weeks I will be doing mini series of "hipstamatic" photos of just daily happenings in my little vintage world.

First on the list, a tour of my very girlie bathroom, one of the locations from today's French inspired boudoir shoot.

photo (2)23521 photo (2)857 photo (2)235235

Hope you enjoyed the tour! ^_^


  1. Beautiful tile! I love the wallpaper too!

  2. Hi really enjoyed looking round your blog, I notice you use Polyvore, if you ever want to stop by, I would be very interested in your thoughts........

  3. the blog is really interesting, the photos capture the attention and stimulate the imagination. I like it!


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