December 6, 2010
Vintage Outfit Favorites - Dec 6

I love when girls still wear dresses even when the weather gets cold and dreary. Nothing like a perky vintage dress paired with black tights to make you forget about the chill!

Image Credits: 1.} Vintage 1960s Babydoll Dress worn by Kansai Retro, 2.} Vintage 1950s Blue Daydress worn by Heart City Vintage, 3.} Vintage Blazer + Secondhand Sweater worn by In Her Stilettos, 4.} Vintage 1960s Princess Coat worn by Mousevox Vintage, 5.} Beautifully Pure, 6.} Vintage Fur Muff + Beret worn by Midnight Maniac


  1. I agree, just because it's cold doesn't mean you can't look cute! I love the bottom left and bottom right. I can never say no to a great green dress.

  2. cute outfits! I wish I could wear these in the winter, but ours are too cold. My legs need multiple layers. I love that button detail on the 60s coat!

  3. thanks for featuring me! I think the skirt might be vintage too...I don't know but it's definitely secondhand bought via etsy.

  4. Thanks for the feature!

    I'm adoring the little blue dress in the upper-left corner. Too cute!

    All these ladies look lovely.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  5. they are all so sweet. I especially love the third one with the big cream jumper and skirt, so cute :)

    krystal x

  6. Thanks for the feature!

    Usually I've always stuck to jeans in the winter, but I'm really trying to break that habit.

    I love the bottom right one! <3

    ~ Katie

  7. lovely! i adore the dress in the last photo. and thanks for including me :-) you're too sweet!

  8. Those fur coats are breathtakingly beautiful! Great finds!

    ps. I'm not necessarily a big vintage lover or anything, but your blog was what inspired me to explore the world of second hand stores and finding rare gems in them. Thank you.


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