December 7, 2010

Vintage 1950s Kensington Engagement Dress

Vintage 1940s Clover Limerick Dress

Vintage 1940s Bird of Paradise Hat

Vintage 1960s Spitalfields Coat

Antique Victorian Feather Harp Pin

The past few weeks have been such a mish mosh of vintage shop updates, I had to find some common ground...hence the color grouping! I respond really well when like colors are placed together and racks of clothes are assembled with some cohesion.

I've been trying to juggle two different jobs (I'm a wardrobe stylist as well) and it's been shoot after shoot lately and I'm feeling a bit chaotic. So, for the month of December, I'm trying very hard to concentrate on AV and back to regularly updating with color schemes (my favorite sort of updates)

BTW, if you're curious... you can view my online styling portfolio here: It's a bit of a mess since I'm fnalizing a lot of the pages, but do have a looksie!

Look for more updates in the shop soon!


  1. My sis & I were recently shopping in vintage shops, and I bought a similar hat. A red one. The netting is torn, and it has no feathers. But it has potential! I was going to turn it into a craft project. Thanks for the feather inspiration!

  2. Oh my! That first dress is completely beautiful. Ridiculously beautiful in fact xx


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