January 8, 2011
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to style Raina Hein (mostly known for being runner up on America's Next Top Model Cycle 14) for a test shoot with the talented Sade Williams.

Raina Hein by Sade Williams

It was a fun easy shoot in L.A. in easy urban clothes. As a wardrobe stylist I'm always challenged to not dress everyone in pretty vintage dresses and add cardigans and little hats to every ensemble... ^_^ so I was quite pleased with the beautiful images that were captured without it getting too girlie as I can very easily lean to.

Raina Hein by Sade Williams Raina Hein by Sade Williams Raina Hein by Sade Williams Raina Hein by Sade Williams Raina Hein by Sade Williams Raina Hein by Sade Williams Raina Hein by Sade Williams

Raina is one of the sweetest girls I've met, she's just like how she appeared on the show (which I asked many questions about... "what's Tyra really like?") I actually got to style Raina twice, those photos I'll post up once I receive more of them! I hope you enjoyed the photos!

You can view more of my styling work on my online portfolio www.rodellee.com but it's still under construction...

P.S. - If you feel like being jealous, Raina is wearing ONLY mascara in these photos. What a lucky gal!!! She says she gets her luminous skin from years of living in wintry cold Minnesota and washing her face and scalding hot water!


  1. So beautiful. I love the styling you did. I kind of like that you did more simple, urban outfits (which I usually don't), rather than sweet and girlie. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE me some femme-retro, but the shots turned out great the way they are :}

    The composition of the shots is quite lovely (I can't wait to see the others!) and of course Raina looks gorgeous. Personally, I thought Raina should have won. She is definitely one of the more unique-looking girls they've had on the show. I love that twinkle in her eyes especially! So magical and mysterious :}

    I really, really want that studded fringe vest in the last shot too, btw. Lol.

    xoxo coco

    P.S. I really, really wish they would do an all plus-size edition of ANTM like they did for the petite/shorter models. It would be amazing if they did!

  2. i love love love this photos! and she is awesome too :)


  3. Simply gorgeous, both the model, pictures & styling! Congratulations :)

  4. i was just thinking, wow she looks like raina from ANTM. ahahaha

    i especially adore the peacock feather mask! nice shots

  5. She´s so pretty, lovely eyes.
    The outfits are gorgeus, the mask is incredible!

  6. That last outfit is my favorite! Nice job, all around. I've heard that she's a sweetie. Oh to look that lovely with just mascara...

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    ~Carmen Lee

  8. Raina is beautiful!!!


  9. She is very beautiful, I love the pose and the post! Keep it up!
    Sherman Unkefer

  10. ooo, you lucky thing! I love AMNTM and getting to meet and style Raina, is so cool! Congrats :)

  11. She is so gorgeous what is her name?

    Laby[big suits]


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