April 10, 2011
It's so unassuming, I think that's why I like the color grey. It's chic, simple, and a little bit mysterious.

Image credits: 1.] Scottish Sea via Flickr, 2.] Sofia Coppola via On Blue Pool Road for Interview Magazine, 3.] Emma's Design Blog, 4.] Ivory Spiro Taupe wallpaper from Kreme, 5.] Vintage bathing beauties via Miss Modish, 6.] Fullbloom.tumblr, 7.] That Kind of Woman, 8.] Natalia Vodianova via Convoy.tumblr, 9.] 12pieces.tumblr, 10.] Vintage 1950s Grey Dress Froufroufashionista.tumblr, 11.] - lost source for this, if you know it, please comment, thank you! -


  1. I think i've just fallen in love with this post!! So inspiring!!!

  2. I'm obsessed with that grey coat.

  3. I really love the color (or is it a shade?) gray as well! And these photos are positively dreamy, especially the 6th one, which looks like a still from the most exquisite of movies.


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