April 4, 2011

There is something so elegant and chic about a fur collared coat whether your choice is faux fur or vintage fur (please don't buy new fur items *sadness*). I love how editorial director of Refinery29, Christene Barberich, pairs her faux fur vest with an Alexander Wang coat to give it the appearance of a fur collared coat. So very clever!

\\ On The Street: Christine Barberich via Refinery29
// In the Shop: Madame Coco Coat from Adorevintage


  1. Personal I prefer faux fur :D Againts animal cruelty... the vintage its ok, but I don´t know XDD..looks wonderfull the way that she wore the coat

  2. Yep, faux fur for me too! Love it, so snugly in winter. What I especially love are the labels on the 1950s faux fur coats. They are so funny. I have one on a vintage coat that I bought in London which reads "Simulated Fur. Wear with love and care like a real fur."


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