April 5, 2011

The 1960s winged cat eye is one of my favorite makeup looks of all time and was often sported by two of my vintage style icons, Audrey Hepburn and Anna Karina. I've tried to perfect the art of the cat eyeliner (or sometimes refered to as winged eyeliner - and makeup artists if there is a difference feel free to correct me), but sometimes I utterly fail and just end up with a thick black swoop on my eyelid. *le sigh*

But perhaps a few inspirational images and a tutorial will do the trick?

Detailed video tutorial 'Cat Eyeliner' makeup look by Sarah Victor

Image credits: 1.] Flickr, 2.] Le Fashion Image, 3.] F Yeah Cute Hair, 4.] Itchy Cat via Pretty Little World


  1. The photos are great!!! And the video is really really helpful!! :D
    xxx From Spain


  2. I love the cat eye look.
    and I always fail at it too! haahaha!! Such a classic look

  3. I've always wondered how to do that. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh, I haven't been on for a couple weeks-- As always, you are magnificant.... I'm so glad you did this post!! I have a vintage photo shoot coming up and wanted to do this:) THANKS FOR POSTING!


  5. Hi! nice blog!!
    Would you like to follow each other?? I always follow back = )

    I love to have new blogger friends and feedback!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  6. I do this eye makeup everyday! it just takes a lot of practice.


  7. The magic of Anna Karina, never goes out of style :)

  8. I agree with Michelle Elizabeth: practice, practice, practice. I never expect to nail a vintage hair or make-up technique on the first try or even the first twenty tries. You just need to research a variety of sources and work up to the exact technique that works for you.

    You also might need to adjust the overall shape and thickness of the lines for the shape of your eye, brow, and the size of the space between. Some people have shorter/smaller eyelids and different types and placements of the eyelid crease.

    If you have been trying to do this with a liquid liner wand, don't. You just won't be able to get the precision you need and it's much harder to clean up mistakes. Use a gel liner and brush like the video lady. Liquid wands can be fine later when you're more confident.

    A good way to try out a cat eye during your still-practicing phase is to use a medium brown or other color instead of black. You can practice the shaping and see how it wears without the glaring commitment of the stark black.

  9. Really cool video..just tweeted it.
    Simple and stunning.

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