May 26, 2011
I can't claim I discovered INHERITANCE on my own, although I wish I could say I did! But, I was introduced to it via Emily Henderson's "Secret Shopping Resources" for Los Angeles via Apartment Therapy and Emily's design blog Style By Emily Henderson.

Inheritance Shop Beverly Blvd Los Angeles CA Inheritance Shop Beverly Blvd Los Angeles CA

After a quick styling gig this morning, I decided to make a little pit stop. Emily's quick review of the shop convinced me that I could probably find a little treasure for my new apartment (aka new studio for Adorevintage!). And oh dearie me... a quick drive by and I KNEW I was going to be instantly hooked!

When you first walk in you feel like you've entered Ariel's grotto of treasures, except instead of being greeted by Ariel you're greeted by Mike, the shop owner who is incredibly nice, chatty, and very passionate about what he does. We spent a good 35 minutes discussing French settees, OCD cleaning and rearranging, and pancake parties. I love going into a shop and the shopkeeper is personable and doesn't mind if you hang out a bit (but if you are going to hang out, be sure to buy something! LOL!)

Inheritance Shop Beverly Blvd Los Angeles CA Inheritance Shop Beverly Blvd Los Angeles CA Inheritance Shop Beverly Blvd Los Angeles CA

The prices are incredibly fair and some things are surprisingly affordable. There are a few pricey things here and there but they're pricey for a reason (for example 1950s sterling silver desert forks by Allan Adler which can fetch a price of $125-$175 A PIECE on Ebay). There are so many little gems in this two story shop! Porcelain bull dog figurines, little magnifying glasses, scarab napkin rings, anatomy dishware, original oil painting portraits, little leather coin purses just large enough for a few lucky pennies... a very well curated shop of lovely little vintage and modern things to collect and admire.

If you're in Los Angeles and looking for antique and interesting knick knacks to add to your home, be sure to stop by INHERITANCE! Be sure to tell him Rodellee from Adorevintage sent ya!

Inheritance Shop Beverly Blvd Los Angeles CA
Here is the little treasure I picked up! A chair that converts into a ladder!

Webshop: Inheritance Shop
Address: 8055 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90048
Hours: Mon-Fri. 11am to 6pm, Sat. 11am to 5pm, Sun. by appointment only.


  1. hey that chair cum ladder is just superb.
    thumps up to that creative mind...
    well thank you for sharing...
    even i like that first table(which used as game table), it is too near to nature...

  2. convenient! ilove this chair

  3. I have added this shop to my "to do" list. What a great find!

  4. I've been to this store and it rocks. It's as if you are walking through the attic or your badass Grandma's house. So many treasures.

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