May 6, 2011
Earlier this week, my friend Sade and I watched "How to Marry a Millionare", I was super excited to share a vintage classic with a friend! Marilyn is delightful in the movie, although I think my favorite is Loco played by Betty Grable.

Marilyn Monroe, so lovely and yet so sad

Small leather goods

A neat and tidy dresser top

Vintage Utah Poster, I really love the colors

These ladies know what it's all about...

Lovely colors, textures, and so cute! I love mushrooms! But all these are poisonous!

When I was younger my friends and I all had crushes on Prince William (but didn't most of us?). Did I watch the Royal Wedding...of course! Not live though, but I recorded it so I could fast forwarded to see the DRESS! (And it was GORGEOUS!!!)


  1. Great blog! Love this! Lovely photo's too.

  2. Wonderful pictures :)

  3. Eee so many lovely photos!

    My favourites have to be the mushroom one - I love the details/ colour, and the royal ones. V interesting to compare them - Prince William is so much like Diana!

  4. I cannot believe, and am ashamed to admit, that I have not yet seen this film. You have convinced me! I will look for it and no doubt will enjoy it very much... lovely post.

    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend, xo

  5. ooh i want a camera in the 2nd photo, ahhhh love it

  6. one of my favorite movies! those boys are so handsome, so happy for their marriage!

  7. beauty of a blog. bookmarking now!

    take care,


  8. The photo of old woman riding in roller coaster is really funny.

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