May 9, 2011
There is nothing quite as classic and chic as black and white stripes. It can read Nautical, it can read French, and of course it is timeless.

Image Credits: 1.] Adorevintage Tumblr, 2.] Vintage 1950s Dress from Adorevintage, 3.] Could I Have That, 4.] Mackenzie Horan


  1. Great pictures, I love stripes x

  2. Totally agree! I just did a post with my new stripy jumper I got funnily enough ;) I love the whole nautical vibe.

    Audrey Hepburn is just amazing!

  3. Cute hepburn :3 nautical rules

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  5. Nice stripes I really like the combination of black and whit colors its perfect.

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