July 12, 2011
Anyone that knows me knows all too well how much I love white, bright, and clean spaces. And I still do, very much so, but lately I've started to fall in love with the darker side of pretty. I think it all started with me painting a strip in my kitchen chalkboard black...

The inspirations I've posted here will greatly influence the look of my vintage shop's current splash page. The mornings in Los Angeles have cooled a bit and it's effect has me nestling up to dark and serene colors.


  1. Loving these photos....usually people like to post the "prettier, happier" side of vintage, but there's always going to be the other side. Gives me chills but I love it. :)


  2. These photos are so amazing! thanks for posting!


  3. I LOVE this post! That fourth photo from the top? It's like someone scooped out part of my brain and turned it into that wall. Amazing.

  4. Loving those old mirrors and butterflies!

  5. I like the man colored suits that display in the store.


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