July 10, 2011
I've finally started to sort through the rather large collection of vintage lingerie, night gowns, robes, slips, peignoirs, and antique corset covers I have amassed over the past couple of years. I'll be listing some delicates and intimates in the shop here and there, so if all things lace, sheer, and romantic are your cup of tea, be sure to visit the shop to check out The Boudoir (vintage lingerie) collection!

The Prettiest of Pretties, Vintage Lingerie at Adore Vintage Shop


  1. I absolutely adore vintage lingerie, especially bed jackets! & recently I had an amaaaazing 70's house coat which was white floral lace daisys, but it sold at my latest fair :(


  2. I keep like a treasure all my grandma´s night gowns. In fact I usually wear a black one like a dress.

    I love your collection!!

  3. vintage lingerie is only my most favorite thing in the world!

  4. Hey there,

    Was just directed to your site via Apartment Therapy.. lovely home and now I see lovely blog + shop!!


  5. Vintage Lingerie are great and looks sexy.. It is more comfortable if it has good materials or high quality products..But I can see these items are great..

    More hugs,
    Archiex @ Street Fashion

  6. They are treasures!!! I love all and every one! and also to wear to go to the street...well, maybe with some trousers or skirt, hahaha SMUAKS LOVE YOUR BLOG

  7. I love your blog and have given you the One Lovely Blogger Award http://20thcentury-girl.blogspot.com/2011/07/flowerz-and-blog-award.html !

  8. Those camisols are so beautiful!


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