September 16, 2011
It's been a busy busy week my lovelies. Working on some new stuff for AV, slowly but surely! I'll be selling at "A Current Affair" next Saturday and Sunday so if you're in the LA area, be sure to come by and say hello! (More on the show later!)

I'll be combing the flea markets this weekend for industrial looking tables for the show. Hopefully I find some at a nice price (less $75... a girl can dream, no?)

The following images made me feel so happy and peaceful, I hope you're inspired by them too.


Viktor in his domestic surroundings



**sarah sherman**

I'm runnin' away, it makes me feel better.

- morning XV -


  1. Such lovely inspiration! All these photos make me want to throw on a vintage sundress and go picnicking in the park! Or better yet, go out to the Warf in SF :}

    Love it! Thanks for sharing <3

    xoxo Coco L.
    Muffin Top Baby

  2. love the merry go round photo. i'm working on a series of carnival photographs right now so that inspires me.

  3. I would like to know how to take photos like this, to manage that dreaming and mystifing light...that exactly what I love about vintage...
    Congratulations for amazing blog,

  4. Great pictures , I love'em all !

    Much love , Doudinou <3 ( Riim )

  5. Oh darling! I so love all of these photos... and perhaps especially the last one... it feels like we're catching a glimpse of something that we're not meant to see (but is very very pretty!) And are those heart shaped scones????? Be still my wildly beating heart!!!! I think we have found our next baking project....



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