September 17, 2011
Be still my heart! I have died and gone to fairy tale cupcake vintage dress heaven! Seriously, this dress from Rococo Vintage is beyond amazing and befitting of a true modern day princess or perhaps someone with a penchant for pink sugared confections.

Vintage 1950s Wedding Cupcake Party Dress
Where to Shop: 1950s Fairy Tale Dress // $324

Rococo Vintage always has such pretty little things. Vintage cocktail dresses with large blossoms showered throughout, little black dresses with pleats and ruffles to last you for a lifetime, and amazing 1940s numbers like this one that I would snap up to wear to a wedding (or to a movie, or to buy groceries, I'd wear the heck out of this dress!) if only it were my size!

To find out more about Rococo Vintage be sure to visit their blog (gorgeous imagery!) and visit their website Rococo Vintage


  1. Wow, what an amazing dress! I think I love the way it is all texture in one color the best...

  2. ohmygosh. so so SO pretty! you find the most gorgeous dresses!

  3. Such a lovely inspiration!
    Vintage Shop Love: Rococo Vintage
    I would like to know how to made Dress like this, to manage that dreaming and mystifing light...that exactly what I love about vintage...
    Congratulations for amazing blog,

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  6. I just love Rococo Vintage. Your collection is just amazing. memphis tiger

  7. Wow this dress is pretty amazing isn't it?!

    Just to let you know my giveaway is up and running:
    Win the Vintage Dress of Your Choice! (open to everyone)

    x Aliya

  8. love this blog :>

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