September 5, 2011

I am now offering sponsorship opportunities on the Adorevintage blog! The AV blog is one of the top vintage blogs on Google, ranking in the top 3 for "vintage blog" (#3) and "vintage clothing blog" (#2) search engine results.

Sponsorship will be a great way to get exposure for your vintage clothing shop, blog, and small businesses to a targeted vintage market. But I don't want to just have your banner ad on the side of my blog, I really truly want to help small businesses find their niche and reach new people, other gals who love and adore vintage as much as you! I don't want you to just have a little banner that someone may or may not click on if it's attractive enough, I want visitors to the AV blog to genuinely adore our sponsors too and care about what they have to say and love what they have to offer.

According to Google Analytics the Adorevintage Vintage Clothing + Fashion Blog receives...

- 17,000 visitors a month
- 34,000 page views a month
- top countries are United States, United Kingdom, and Australia

We have over 2,500 Facebook Fans, over 1,900 Twitter followers, and over 2,300 subscribed readers and growing daily (yay!). Our blog readers are mostly female who love vintage, fashion, art, interior design, and all things pretty and lovely.

We are happy to offer "a la carte" sponsorship in which you can choose which sponsorship package you would like that works best for your budget. Sometimes you want to try out sponsorship and see if business increases (as a vintage shop owner, we totally get it!). ALL of our sponsors will be featured in a short "Sponsor Spotlight" blog post! Read below for sponsorship "a la carte" options.


SIZE A: 200 x 130 $35/month or $90/3 months - rotated weekly
SIZE B: 200 x 70 $25/month or $60/3 months - rotated monthly


Share on Twitter - Share 5 items with our Twitter followers from your shop - $5
Share on Twitter + Facebook - Share 5 items with our Facebook fans AND Twitter followers - $10
Share on Twitter, Facebook, + Pinterest - Share 5 items with our Facebook fans, Twitter followers, AND Pinterest followers - $12

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A SPONSOR FOR THESE A LA CARTE OPTIONS! Just send us a quick e-mail and let us know which options you would like. We want to share vintage and our love for it with everyone!

All payments processed through Paypal. Please contact us with your sponsorship selections and we will send you an invoice. Upon receipt of payment and your advertisement banner we will post your ad within 24 hours. If you purchase more than 1 month of sponsorship we are more than happy to switch out your ad graphics to keep everything fresh and new.

If you have any questions feel free to email or post a comment!


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