September 4, 2011
September is a really beautiful month in California and today was just as lovely as yesterday. I wasn't feeling too well yesterday so aside from going to the gym for an astonishing 17 mins (gotta keep those hips trim! HAHA) I stayed indoors.

What I wore to the flea market

EARLY MORNING: Mended the vintage dress I'm wearing in the photos as when I originally got it there was a seam at the waist that needed some stitching up. Pastries and coffee at Paris Baguette followed. Pineapple custard was my choice and hazelnut coffee with plenty of half and half and splenda.

Then it was off the Melrose Trading Post.

Oy vey, I went to one booth and this one guy was a royal douche. Here I am merrily browsing his wares. He looks bored to death. It's only about 9 in the morning, much too early to look bored as the flea market is open until 4 PM I believe. He says to me (but not looking at me) "All that stuff on that rack is very expensive because it's designer."

I smile and say "Okay, thank you" and continue to thumb through dresses and coats. I pick up a black and white chiffon polka dot number which is heavily soiled with stains and has a tear in one of the pleats. I figure I could get these stains out and the tear I could fix. I ask "How much?"


"Oh wow, really? But it's stained and there's a tear right here."

"I told you this was a designer rack." (I look at the label at this point, can't recognize the maker)

WELL SORRY I ASKED! I put back the dress and he mutters something under his breath. And I nearly lost it! I spun back on my heels and said "Are you talking to me or about me?"

"No, I'm just talking to myself."

"Well it sounds like you're talking about me."

"I'm not I'm talking to myself...*mumble mumble* so annoying..."

"Well, if you have something to say, you can say it to me."

"It's just annoying because I explain to people it's designer and they always get aggrivated when they are told how expensive it is. I told you it was expensive."

To which I replied...

"I think you're the only one getting aggrivated Sir. And I collect vintage and will pay a lot of money for it if it's worth the money being asked. But $100 for that dress is ridiculous."

Walk away, walk away. I'm fuming at this point. What an asshole!

All right lovelies, I'm done venting. But honestly, I can't stand when people are just asses to strangers.

..let's continue with photos!

Kissing Deer at Melrose Trading Post





Lovely little necklaces, I wish I bought some of them



On a happier note to end... I did get two vintage silk scarves and a vintage wool throw with yellow pom poms for my bed for $10 from the NICEST guy ever! I'll definitely be revisiting his booth. In fact he was going to give me the loot for $7 but I was like "It's ok, $10 will work" because he was just so nice.

See folks, you catch a lot more flies with honey than you do with vinegar!


  1. Great photos , everything is amazing , I don't even now from where am I suppose to start ..
    Anyway , ure dress is so lovely :)

    Bisou :x

    Doudinou <3

  2. hey honey! I liked it very much post! will now be much here!
    I invite you to walk through the mine and to follow me if you like!
    kisses, Claire.

  3. Haha, this story made me chuckle, you told him! I am rubbish in that sort of situation, never know what to say until I've walked away and it's too late!

    You're dress is so pretty!

    And thank you for your comment, it was very much appreciated and very encouraging as I'm just getting started!


  4. Good for you! I often call them professional gypsies at my local flea. And really they are, they get those garments (Most of the time) For practically nothing and then act as if they have found gold. Highly annoying.

  5. No offense meant - but there really ARE vintage designers that are worth exceptional money, even in very poor condition. You mention that you don't recognize the name - but that doesn't mean it wasn't a name many vintage collectors DO recognize as rare in ANY condition.
    I don't know.
    This kind of story puts me on edge.
    Heck -- he even WARNED you beforehand. Can you not see the other side of this story? Can you not appreciate that this seller might get the same new-to-vintage buyers one after another, picking up items they simply don't understand and making snap judgements about him as a seller (and a person) based on their own ignorance? As a seller yourself, have you not experienced this in some form?
    On the one hand, yes, there are many sellers who just see vintage and price it sky high thinking they've hit the gravy train with their stained 70's bridesmaid dress.
    BUT on the other hand, there are so many buyers who think all vintage should be $30 & under... and anything higher is highway robbery - when, usually, it's just that these buyers simply don't know what makes that item special. These buyers tend to not see the difference between a 1930's dress & a 1980's dress. The difference is VAST!! Not only in construction, quality & style - but also in rarity, condition acceptance and price.
    So... there you go. My conflicted response to your story... for what it's worth.

  6. Thanks for the comment ^_^ I appreciate an honest and thought out response.

    Honestly if the dress was in better condition I would have happily thought nothing of it. I was more upset about HOW he behaved towards me. I mean come on, muttering under your breath saying it's annoying have to deal with this stuff? Have a bit of common courtesy.

    I've definitely spent a good chunk of change on 1920s dresses at vintage expos that have missing beads, tears, and are non designer. I'm happy to give my money to pleasant people. But this guy was just a giant asshole. And during this entire interaction he was reading a gossip magazine...enough said. LOL.

  7. I hate dealing with people like that! Sounds like you still found some bargains though!

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  9. LOve it, looked like alot of FuN!!!

  10. Good for you for standing up for yourself! I hate snotty shop/booth owners! Just because you have "nice, high end" items does not mean you are better than anyone! Btw I love your dress and side purse! I'm a slow, on the side collector. Basically, if it's not expensive and I like it alot and I can fit in it, I get it. I think vintage can be tricky. You can find great shops like Hidden Treasures in Topanga Canyon where everything is about $20. Sometimes you can walk out with nothing or find several special things. Also has random great finds but bidding can go high if people know what it is.


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