September 3, 2011
I snapped a few photos of my apartment "as is" and thought I'd share my little world with you on such a lovely little Saturday. Since my Apartment Therapy tour I've moved a few things around the apartment. It's still small as ever, but it's mine and I adore it so. I have some lovely plans for it in the future, but right now I'm just trying to do little projects here and there making it more my own and of course constantly looking at vintage inspired homes and keeping them in a Pinterest folder.


I moved the couch to the other side so it opened up my apartment a lot. I taped up fresia on my wall not realizing when they dried it would look very sad, so next time around I'll dry them FIRST then tape them up.

Flowers I bought at the Larchmont Farmer's market. I go every Sunday to buy rosemary bread from this French baker and buy a bunch of flowers for the kitchen.

A few of my own antique and vintage dresses I have out for display. Although they're currently acting as "curtains" since the apartment can be quite bright in the morning and as soon as the sun rises I'm awake. Probably not great for fabric...sun fade damage... I really need curtains!

I've never been great at keeping plants alive so I have succulents and even these guys look like they will expire soon...


Today was such a lovely day in California, I do love the weather here so much. A perfectly sunny warm day with a hint of a breeze... hope all of you are enjoying your Labor Day weekend!


  1. How gorgeous! Your apartment is wonderful, and pictures you took are truly stunning :D

  2. This space is beautiful. I feel like I could cozy up on your settee and just let my eyes wander. So much to see.

  3. So lovely, I was introduced to your blog via the Apartment Therapy post and have been a loyal reader ever since. You truly do have a wonderful shop and blog...



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