November 1, 2011

I had a lovely talk with my new roomie today about life, love, and business. We chatted casually about the ins and outs of our life among bolts of ecru lace, vintage inspired fabrics, pink maribou feathers, and other sorts of fancies. Amongst other topics we also talked about what we're going to do with our new space. Shall we divide up the studio or mix everything in together. Luckily my roomie, Esther Jean and I have very similar aesthetics. Esther Jean designs the most beautiful vintage inspired dresses and accessories so naturally we share a love for vintage inspired interiors. A little shabby chic, a little industrial, a bit of French, and definitely a whole lot of pretty.

Vintage Industrial Work Bench work studio office inspiration
I just purchased an industrial work bench just like the one pictured here but in an eggshell cream color with a little drawer on one side. For the shelves I got these large wooden bins that came from an old barn in Pennsylvania.

Vintage work studio office inspiration
I will definitely have large blooms around the studio. I love fresh flowers.

Vintage mood board work studio office inspiration
So excited to get a mood board going! My roomie and I are planning on doing a large scale mood board for all of our different ideas. The first time I met Miss Esther in her apartment I was so amazed by her mood board in her apartment as it took up nearly an entire wall and had been a 2 year project.

Vintage work studio office inspiration Vintage work studio office inspiration Vintage lace dresses hanging pretty in a work studio
Can I confess that I am so excited to color code the vintage dresses on garment racks!

So this weekend is my official move-in weekend. Technically suppose to move in during the week, but the walls need to be repainted. There's so much to be done... but if I can set up an apartment and get it all pretty for Apartment Therapy in less than 2 weeks... I can set up a work studio in less time. Very excited.

P.S. - I sincerely appreciate the comments left on my blog post below. I don't want to sound sappy... but I teared up reading your comments. Thank you so much, really, for the love and support. I feel like the internet is a place where we get to know people and follow their lives but never really get to know them, so when I receive such personal comments I'm so touched.


  1. Hi Rodelle, I am glad to see that yOur moving forward and not looking back. When I got divorce at 26, it was hard because we have a child and all his mental and emotional abuse affected me a lot. I always looked back and asked myself "what if" questions.. I hope things will work out for you emotionally, don't blame yourself for anything and don't look back. Keep moving forward and I promise you that things will Only get better....prayers and thoughts....

  2. You know i can relate, to you and joyce. i am 25 and in the process of filing a divorce - and its like my world is just upside down...but you know what...we have only one life to live cheesy i know but this is our only chance at life and i really don't want to spend the best years of my life blaming myself, or regretting things i should have shouldn't have done. There's nothing a simple and sincere prayer cannot do. I wish you all the best (and joyce too).

    First time here, love your blog.

    Please visit my website, an online vintage store for affordable classic vint. pieces.

    Thank you.

  3. I used to collect plates for a "plate wall", but that motivation quickly faded..I love the look though. that antler wall with gobs of inspiration is calling my name. moody.

    sorry you've been going through some sh*t lately.

  4. I completely understand the color coordinating! My hubby teases me about my "rainbow closet" constantly!

  5. Those ideas are brilliant! : ) And thank you for this completely awesome post!


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