December 1, 2011
I meant to share these photos from my quick trip to Wertz Brothers Antique Mall much sooner... but it's a bit of an understatement how far behind I am on "work"... in due time. One day at a time.

Wertz Brothers has one of the most well curated collection of antiques I've ever seen. At a very pretty penny. It's where I got my vintage Wolf dress form about a year and a half ago. Hmm... how times have changed. Anyhow... if you are in search of a vintage dress form, then Wertz Brothers is the place to go. They run about $450-$800. If you're lucky one of the booth vendors might be having a sale. It's how I got mine for a little under $390. *le sigh* But she was so worth it!

There are quite a number of vintage dress forms at this antique mall. Wold dress forms, PGM, a couple Acme forms. I'm still in search of a size 0 form, but no luck yet!

I can honestly spend HOURS here, but I mostly go there for vintage design and decorating ideas. I love the mix of industrial with shabby chic and French frou frou. I think that pretty much sums up the decorating phase I'm in right now. This weekend I think is the Irvine Flea market, so I'll probably head out on Sunday bright and early to see what wares I'll find.

Shop Information:
Wertz Brothers Antique Mall
1607 Lincoln Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA
(310) 452-1800
Mon - Sat: 10 to 6 • Sun: 12 - 6


  1. :O What a beautiful, magical place! I could definately spend hours there too.

  2. Lovely spot.I'm looking to purchase a wolf dress form.I already have one dress form,but I want a size 8 or 10.Thanks for sharing that info:


  3. Nice Collection! It makes me feel wonderful when i have also like that hiding it on my house.

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  4. you should go to the spitafield vintage fair this week end!

  5. This antique store looks like heaven on earth! My dress form isn't an antique... so I'm sure one of these days I will end up breaking down and investing in an authentically aged one that has lived a fabulous life I can only imagine!


    Check out my vintage blog sometime:

  6. Amazing ! I will definitely go their.


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