November 29, 2011
The main shop is taking a breather for right now. I'm having a difficult time with getting the new site exactly as I want it to look, so instead of hoarding all the vintage goodies I've been saving for a big update, I decided I'll update the Adorevintage etsy shop as things move forward. As my dear friend Esther Jean says "It'll all flow darling."

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Vintage 1950s dress

Vintage 1940s dress

Vintage 1950s skirt

Vintage 1930s silk kimono robe

Vintage 1930s fox fur jacket

Lots more coming soon! Most of the vintage I'll be listing in the shop are 1950s and earlier. I really want to curate only the best of the best for vintage, just really beautiful special things you will keep and treasure and pass on to your children sort of vintage. ^_^


  1. really diggin' this collection-- such a great shape to those skirts and LOVE that kimono.

  2. Really, This is lovely Blog and Nice Pics.

  3. awesome dresses collections, i love the first dress very much what a color combination and lovely floral design.


  4. That vintage floral dress robe is absolutely stunning! I love the complementary colors of blue and orange used together in design. The fur collared jacket is the epitome of classic sophistication, they just don't make em like that anymore.


    Check out my vintage blog sometime:

  5. Love the full skirt and the prints on it. The designs are too stunning. I love the collection you had posted in here. Yep, it shows classic sophistication.


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