February 12, 2012
Started painting the vintage atelier on Wednesday and have only finished the primer last night. While I should be excited that all that blue is gone, I'm really quite frustrated it's taking so long. I have to remind myself though that it's only taking so long because my time to work at the atelier is so limited.

Nevertheless, at least all that blue is gone. I still need to do one more coat of white over the top of the windows, but debating on it since I'm putting in window treatments and you won't even see it. Is that me being lazy? I just don't want to waste anymore time painting and painting and I still need to paint the main wall dove grey.

Isn't the light in here dreamy? It's so bright and sunny! Well for most of the morning, by mid afternoon it usually gets a bit dimmer since I'm only on the 5th floor and there are some buildings blocking the sun flow. Still, I'm not complaining! I just want to get to my favorite part, organizing and decorating!


  1. looks great! white walls & sunshine - you really can't beat that combo ;)


  2. Looking good! (=

  3. It's looking fabulous so far!! I would say just paint the top of the windows. You never know what you'll want to change in the future, and it would be so annoying if you had to repaint later on in the process. Anyway, I can't wait to see what else you do to the place.

    1. I know I've decided I'm going to do another coat tomorrow before starting the grey. Knowing me, it will bother me knowing I didn't "finish" the paint job.

  4. Thanks Gillian! I'm really quite excited, now that everything is painted white, the entire place just looks that much brighter.


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