February 9, 2012
A classic vintage a-line skirt is a must have for every woman's wardrobe in my opinion. I own very many vintage skirts ranging from a-line to full circle skirts and a few pencil skirts, but skirts are the easiest to wear and purchase when it comes to vintage shopping for your closet. The reason? You only need to worry about the waist size! Most a-line skirts are going to be open at the hips, so vintage skirts... super easy to shop for.

Vintage 1940s streetstyle, blouse and vintage a-line skirt. Classic!

Try a skirt with subtle prints and patterns. Pair with a little thin leather belt. Instant outfit!

image credits: pinterest


  1. Brilliant post I love vintage pieces :)


  2. I love ideas on how to pair skirts and tops. I always get the shapes and lines wrong.

  3. Such a wonderful post - I absolutely love the pictures you used to illustrate it! xoxo

  4. It is great ideas for the make some special. I like this fashion. Thanks for the given your ideas for different types of design skirts and blouse. I like this post.

  5. ooh. never was a fan of a-lines, but this changed my mind. Thanks!

  6. LOVE a good A-Line skirt, and couldn't agree with you more!


  7. Such awesome vintage outfits. Love all those skirts designs. Patterns of all skirts are unique yet so attractive.


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