October 3, 2012
Just relax. Take it easy. Those kinds of words are always a bit hard for me to swallow. I am very much the kind of gal that's go-go-go so telling me to "take it easy, slow down" is much easier said than done.

I had set certain goals for myself and I completed them, but I somehow think as soon as I cross that finish line...I might as well keep going, I mean I finished so early!

Vintage Outfit Post Vintage Outfit Post Vintage Outfit Post Vintage Outfit Post

It was nice to take a little detour through the hills and feel the wind in my hair. This was a little stopover on the way to Disneyland and while it was scorching hot (yet again) I did welcome the 15 minutes of simply not doing much but walking, chatting, and snapping photos with my beau.

And now for some pictures from Disneyland!

Vintage Outfit Post Vintage Outfit Post
We had a fantastic time being goofballs at Disney (I LOVE Disney! I am such a happy go lucky kid there!) and I was super excited to try out the new Cars ride. I hate those photos they snap at you because I am always making the most atrocious faces like I am being dropped into the mouth of doom or something.

And little side note...dannng my man looks good!

So yay for taking a semi day off from work and taking a moment to enjoy life, laugh, and live a little.


  1. Looks so fun!! Glad you got a chance to take a breath and enjoy life with your man! ;-)

  2. You're Beautiful. Lovely pictures! :)


    Priscilla Ivette

  3. what a fun day! My sister lives in CA and keeps RAVING about the Cars ride :)

  4. I love Disney too, it's such a fun and magical place :) You're hairstyle is so cute!

  5. I just went to Disneyland last month and it was SO much fun!! These photos make me want to go back! =D

  6. So jealous that you got to try out the new Cars ride ;)

    Your outfit is so cute, I bet you were the most stylish person there! (Disneyland does tend to attract an interesting crowd of people...)

    1. Hehe! Indeed to the interesting crowd of people comment. One guy looked like Captain Jack Sparrow...and well I had a hard time discerning whether he was in costume or not (I gave him the benefit of the doubt that he was) but his dreads stunk so much and I came to realize after being behind him in line for 30 minutes, it was HIS real hair and not a Jack Sparrow wig. Augggh.

  7. Beautiful pictures...


  8. Gorgeous photographs, your hair is so pretty like that with the little flowers! I love disney land, you can never be too old to feel like a kid again :)

    louisejoyb x


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