October 5, 2012
So tomorrow my lovelies is A Current Affair. And if you live in Los Angeles and you haven't heard of it, then Hear Ye, Hear Ye! I am here to tell you all about it!

A Current Affair is a one day only vintage pop-up marketplace held at the penthouse of the Cooper Design Building in the fashion district of downtown Los Angeles.

Time: 2-9 PM
Cost: $10 dollars (which includes an open bar, heeeyyy)
Payments: Cash, Credit, Paypal, Hugs + Kisses

Being a vendor at ACA is like putting one foot into brick-and-mortar world. Setting up a little 10x10 space to attract and enchant is no easy feat. The first time I was a vendor my booth was basically two racks and some clothes hung up on the wall. Then the second time around I went a bit overboard with the decorating and merchandising. Now, third time's the charm! I've been clipping little photos here and there for inspiration for my vintage booth tomorrow. And well, it's a happy medium between Version Numero Uno and Version Numero Dos.

We're POPPING up again at A Current Affair!
My vintage booth at A Current Affair from Sept 2011. Photo courtesy of Glam Amor

Each time I've participated I came out with a better understanding of who my client is and who she isn't. So this time around I've decided to bring less of the things that I thought would appeal to the masses and bring more of what I love and adore because well, really I'm my own customer. And I think that's how all stores should really function. You can't try going to please everyone, but when you please THE ONE, then it's like vintage soul mate connection.

I know the main goal at these vintage shows is to sell, sell, sell. But I really look forward the most to talking with people and connecting with others. I have to clutch my heart when someone squeals with delight and notices minute details on an Edwardian dress. I think "Oh hooray, they get it, I have to talk to them!" At the last show I met this wonderful older Italian couple who invited my fella and I out to visit them in Italy. She purchased a 1930s silk peasant embroidered dress from me and she had said all my vintage just made her feel so happy and light. And I wanted to cry, really, because that is just the darnest nicest thing to say!

If you want to see more photos from past shows you can read this post and this post from the March 2012 ACA show or see the first time around in this post.

We're POPPING up again at A Current Affair!