November 6, 2012
The shop will soon be getting in a bunch of vintage party dresses (just in time for the Holidays!) and some pretty floral dresses in my favorite colors pink, peach, and cream! Most people think to wear red, green, and black for the holidays. Which is all fine and dandy (I wear a little black vintage dress to most holiday parties) but this year I'll probably wear something like these vintage dresses, something a little bit unexpected.
Vintage 1950s Pink Party Dresses + Pretty Floral Dress Vintage 1950s Pink Party Dresses + Pretty Floral Dress
All of these will be available for purchase in the vintage shop on Thursday! Previews are on the site!


  1. The bright pink one is just beautiful!!

  2. ::: gasp:::: I'm in love with the bright pink one!!

  3. These Vintage party dresses definitely looks gorgeous and elegant. With all the new party dresses design that we have right now, its refreshing to see vintage design clothes.

  4. What a beautiful dress.
    My favorite is the pink


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